This article is about the human. For the Shikoku Inu, see Ryō. For the pitbull, see Ryō (GDWO).
Ryō Fujiwara (良 藤原)


First Appearance
Shiroi Senshi Yamato vol 1
Last Appearance
Shiroi Senshi Yamato vol 26
Family or owners
Father, Akiko Fujiwara (older sister), Yamato, Musashi (pets)

Ryō Fujiwara is Yamato's and Musashi's owner. He rescued Yamato when he was a puppy, and began to train him as a fighting dog.


Shiroi Senshi YamatoEdit

Ryo lives with his father and sister in a small village in the Yamagata Prefecture. The village has a problem with a herd of wild dogs that have been stealing from the village.

A small puppy defended Ryō and Shige from Tetsuo and his dog, Gil. Ryō takes the puppy home, but later the puppy's father, the leader of the wild dog pack, Fubuki, comes take his puppy back from Ryō. When the villagers decide to shoot the wild dogs, Ryō is worried about the puppy and starts to follow the hunters. Fubuki is shot, but Ryō saves the puppy and becomes his owner. Tetsuo puts Gil and the puppy into a "mini-sized dog fight", but surprisingly, the puppy wins. The puppy's courage also gives courage to the bullied kids and Ryō, and they turn against their tempter. The children named the puppy after a battle ship called Yamato.

Later, Ryō began to train Yamato so he could become a fighting dog. Their goal was the final championship match.

Hakugin no TeiōEdit

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