This article is about the unknown breed. For the Shiba Inu, see Ryū. For the Shikoku Inu from SSY, see Ryū (SSY). For the Shikoku Inu from the GDW anime, see Ryū (GDW). For the human, see Ryū (WOZ).

Ryu only appears in a flashback and a dream.

Weed GaidenEdit

He first appears in a dream Bull had. He then appears in a flashback when he, Bull, and other hunting dogs were chasing down a boar. When they chased the boar to a cliff face, Ryu charges at it, ignoring Bull's orders to wait until their owner arrives. The boar grabs him by the front paw and was shaken until Bull saved him by attacking the boar. He wasn't seen ever since.

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