This article is about the Shikoku Inu from SSY. For the Shiba Inu, see Ryū. For the unknown breed, see Ryu. For the Shikoku Inu from the GDW anime, see Ryū (GDW). For the human, see Ryu (WOZ).
Ryū (竜)
Ryu, Ryuu


Shikoku Inu
First appearance
Shiroi Senshi Yamato vol 8
Last appearance
Shiroi senshi Yamato vol 9
Deceased (killed by Sarugami)
Family or Owners
Seijūrō (owner), Aka (mother)
name meaning

Ryū is the son of Aka.

He is a fighting dog owned by Seijūrō and he dies when he protects his owner from a huge gorilla called Sarugami.

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