Ryūgen is younger brother of Gennosuke, husband of Sayaka and father of Rando.

Kacchu no Senshi Gamu

Because of his brother's violent nature and lust for war, Ryūgen's father decided to teach him the art of training ganins instead of Gennosuke (the art was usually passed on to the oldest son).

He is the master of the clan the Kagero, married to Sayaka and father of Rando. He serves Lord Eda. When Ryūgen’s deceased brother suddenly appears alive and well, Ryūgen offers him shelter. However, he soon discovers that Gennosuke was send by the enemy, Gama, to kill him. He fights his zombie brother, but gets blinded when Gennosuke spits needels in his eyes.

He is then taken to safety by his subordinate Motegi Juushirou while Gamu finish off Gennosuke. As Gama's minions swarps through lord Eda's village, he puts on his armor and stands tall in his doorway, ready to die with dignity. A minion of Gama stabs him through the stomach, and as Ryūgen fades away, he commits suicide by exploding his own house.