Sahara is an African Wild Dog that appears in Shiroi Senshi Yamato living in Samon's Safari Park.


Shiroi Senshi Yamato

He has a fight with Seiran which results in Seiran's defeat which also kills her. Hoping to avenge his mother, Musashi along with Yamato confront Sahara.

Right before Seiran dies, she gives Musashi the will to fight Sahara. Yamato also tries to avenge Seiran's death by chasing Sahara who ran off to the burrow where he lures him to the awaiting python. Yamato was in trouble fighting against a python when Musashi interrupts it giving Yamato the time to fight Sahara. Then, the enraged Sahara grabs Musashi and tries to use the puppy as a hostage when the python wraps around the wild dog instead and swallows him up while Yamato and Musashi left the burrow.

However, Sahara's fate did not end when he chewed himself out of the python's stomach determined and angry for not leaving his fight unfinished. At the climax of the arc, Sahara appears on the roof of the building and jumps down to kill several dogs of White Wolf's pack until Yamato appears and finishes his final fight once and for all by using the combined attacks Neck Rolling, Kaiten Jigoku and Swing Circle until the wild dog was dead. Before his death, he killed the dogs, Red Killer and Nakatsu.


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