This article is about the wolf. For the Siberian Husky, see Sakon.


Hokkaido Wolf
Reima's Pack
First appearence
GNG vol 15, page 63
Last appearence
GNG vol 18, page 83
Deceased (Killed by Gaia)
Family or owners
Raiga and Ukon (brothers)
Place of Birth
Yamanashi Prefecture

Sakon is the brother of Ukon and Raiga. Like his brother Ukon, he is in the body of Raiga.

Ginga Nagareboshi GinEdit

Sakon fights with his brothers, using their technique Zan Hishou Bunshin Battouga. They beat Kurotora but are defeated by Moss after this.

Sakon dies along with his brothers in a fight with Gaia.

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