Sancho the Dog Eater (犬喰いの惨猪)


Wild Boar
Sancho's pack (leader)
First appearence
GDW volume 16, GDW ep 15
Last appearence
GDW volume 16, GDW ep 15
Deceased (Killed by Weed)
Name Meaning
Disaster, Boar
Matcho and Butcho (brothers)

Sancho the Dog Eater is a huge and dangerous boar. He tends to attack dogs and eat their brains. He has killed many friends of Rocket and is generally very feared even by bears.

He moves with two smaller followers called Butcho and Matcho in the Wakayama Prefecture. He claims the hot spring area to be his, though it belongs to the Koga dogs according to Tesshin.

He is angered to find Ohu dogs in his bathing place and decides to kill and eat them. He manages to kill Jirō, a reckless minion of Kyōshirō before Weed shows up and kills him with his first (second in the anime) Zetsu Tenrō Battōga.

Sancho's skull breaks and he falls dead into the water. His minions flee the scene in fear.

Sancho Anime

Sancho in the anime

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