Shōji is one of Chūtora's sons. He is the oldest of the four brothers, making him a leader figure among them.


He is a brown brindle Kai Ken mix and has brown eyes.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

After Shōji's father died, uncle Kurotora raised him and his brothers.

As Genba tries to take over Gajō, Shōji and his brothers, along with Kurotora, do their best to defend Gajō. As the battle is about to break out, Shōji pushes Kurotora down from Gajō so Akame can lead him to safety.

As Genba gets a hold of Shigure, Shōji pushes Genba off him and starts a fight with him, leading to his own death. He is the last of the dead brothers to be killed.

His body is thrown into the river by Genba and discovered by Kurotora, who brings it to a cave along with the other two brothers. 

Ginga: The Last Wars

They aren't buried and are left in the cave, their decomposed bodies are found a couple of years later by Rocket, Ken and Kyōshirō during Monsoon's reign over Ōu.