Shūsaku (周作)
Shusaku, Shuusaku


Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute Mix
First appearance
GDW ep 17, GDW vol 13 chpt 3
Last appearance
No information
Family or owners
Unnamed mate (deceased, killed by Masashige)
Voiced by
Kunihiro Kawamoto
Place of Birth
Hakkōda mountains, Aomori Prefecture
Meaning of Name
Different meanings depending on the kanji used. Shinsaku means masculine

Shūsaku is one of the 19 sons of Kisaragi.


Shūsaku is a Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute mix. His fur is reddish-brown with a white belly. His eye color is orange/brown.

In the Anime, his fur is gray with a white belly and his eyes are blue.

Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

Shūsaku lives with his brothers and father in Mutsu.
He is first seen hunting a bear with his brothers and gets bitten by the bear, but survives. After hearing from Shigure about the invasion of Ōu by Hōgen and Genba, he and five (six in the manga) of his brothers are sent to Ōu to aid them.

He and his brothers fight Genba's minions who try to steal females and come in time to rescue Chiko in time with Shigure and Akame. He and his brothers later fight Genba's platoon and in commando to slay Hōgen.

Like his brothers, Shūsaku has no big role throughout both manga and anime.

In the Hokkaidō Arc, Shūsaku and all the Mutsu brothers are sent to Hokkaidō with the Ōu soldiers to help Hakurō and his pack who were getting invaded by the Russian Army dogs. Some of his brothers were killed in battle.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: OrionEdit

Shūsaku remains with his brothers when he hears about the death of his father and swears revenge on the Kurohabaki Clan. Travelling with Izō, he comes across a young puppy in the snow, dying of hypothermia. Izō instantly recognizes the pup as his son and the brothers try to warm him up to keep him alive. Before he dies, the pup reveals his siblings and mother were killed by Masashige under the orders of Kurohabaki Masamune. Shūsaku follows his brothers and Orion when they encounter Masamune and Masashige, and begin fighting them. Outnumbered, they have no choice but to flee, until they are caught by Masashige at the base of a snow covered mountain. Izō howls to cause an avalanche, which separates the Kurohabaki clan from them, giving them a chance to escape, but at the cost of two of Shūsaku's brothers who were crushed under the snow.

Shūsaku remains close to his brother as he continues to travel and fight the Kurohabaki clan.

Ginga: The Last WarsEdit

Shūsaku is in Ou some time after the death of Masamune, but peace is disrupted when Monsoon attacks and badly injures the dogs, killing some in the process. Shūsaku survives but is injured and thrown into a makeshift prison with his brother and the Ou dogs.

Many days later, Shūsaku and the rest of the dogs are rescued by Mole and his group. Barely able to walk due to injuries and being cramped in the prison for so long.

Shortly after, Shūsaku and other Ou army are resting in the grass during a storm.


  • He has been known as Shirozaku, but this is simply a mistake name. The character is Shūsaku both in Ginga Densetsu Weed anime and manga.
  • He and his brothers are called Alaskan Malamutes several times in Ginga Densetsu Weed, despite the fact that their father was mentioned to be Siberian Husky. It has since been confirmed he is a mix breed.

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