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I figure out that Lenov, Tetsuo, Sunny and Maru are four sons and Akira and Tonvo are two daughters.

We don't know that for sure.

We used to be thought that Maru and Sunny are two girls but they are confirmed to be male. When Lydia dies, narrator confirmed that Jerome and Lydia had 4 sons and 2 daughters.

It's most likely that Yoshi messed up when making TLW and made them all males. Females will have eyelashes, which Tonov and Akira lack. Also, "Akira" is mostly a male name in Japan, and "Tonov" seems to be based off a Russian last name so if Tonov was female he would be called "Tonova".

I agree, if Tonov is female, she probllay have masculine and lacks eyelashes just like one of Gin's Siblings's daugter, Yuki.


It's still unknown who of them is tetsuo or akira. I need proofs, otherwise I will change this article to both of them. I give you some time to show me your proofs. 

blivery 21:53, June 22, 2017 (UTC)

No need for that; we'll just put a trivia about it on each of their pages.

Allright, problem solved.

blivery 12:45, December 14, 2017 (UTC)