I really don't think that this is Riki's brother.

When Takeda Gohei visited their home, he looked over each pup (ignoring Riki) to take with him to train. He took only one and left the rest with Yamabuki (...)

Only because of this fact it is not possible that he is Riki's brother. While this Charakter already is grown up, Riki is still a pup. So how can he be the white one of Shiro's and Yamabuki's litter which Gohē choose? Furthermore, the picture of "Riki's older brother" is from a scene before the newborn Riki and his brothers were shown. So why some of you think that he's Riki's older brother? Maybe the part of the text is incorrect which is given above, or what's wrong here?

blivery 10:42, February 18, 2017 (UTC)


It's still unknown if he is really his brother or not. I need proofs, otherwise I will delete this article. I give you some time to show me your proofs. 

blivery 21:54, June 22, 2017 (UTC)

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