Tetsu is the son of Ōzaru and Kotobuki. He is Akame's ancestor. He is the brother of Akame, Tomoyasu, Kōgetsu and Toki.


Tetsu is a black Kishu Inu with black eyes.

Ginga Densetsu AkameEdit

Tetsu was born in 1579, only a few days before Nobukatsu Oda's attack on Iga Province.

Tetsu is trained as a Ganin alongside his brothers by Taichi and Ōzaru.

In his first battle, two of his brothers are killed by Koga Ganins. Later, after he is given use of a sword, he and Kōgetsu are killed by the Kogas, along with their father.


  • He bears a striking resemblance to Rigel from The Last Wars.

Photo GalleryEdit

See more pictures in Tetsu/Gallery

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