He is an unnamed guard dog seen in the beginning of Ginga Densetsu Weed. He is big and strong and takes his duty seriously. He gives no mercy for intruders.

Ginga Densetsu Weed


After Nero orders Sasuke to find GB, and take him to stand guard while he kills geese at a farm. GB refuses and leaves with Weed to go find Smith. After the visit, Weed and GB go back the way they came, and see Sasuke chasing the geese and being attacked by the guard dog.

Weed attacks, but isn't able to do much. GB, seeing Weed's courage, charges into battle. After a brief scrap, the guard dog senses Smith's arrival, and flees to his doghouse. He is not seen again in the series, but GB mentions him to Sasuke when the Ohu dogs pass the area.


The guard dog was watching the farm GB and Sasuke were to steal ducks from. GB tricks Sasuke into making him think there is no guard dog, and Sasuke gets attacked by the guard dog when trying to hunt down a duck. GB flees with a dead duck while Weed intervenes to save Sasuke, but the guard dog easily throws Weed off.

GB hears Weed fighting and rushes back to help out by attacking the guard dog. The guard dog gets ahold of GB's neck and starts to strangle him. Weed keeps attacking the guard dog, causing him to throw Weed at a wall.

Weed goes into a sort of trance and attacks using the Battouga, ripping off the guard dog's left ear. Smith appears and the guard dog hides in his doghouse, sensing Smith's ferocity, and begs for forgiveness.


  • Some call him Banken even though that's not his name; it simply means "guard dog" in Japanese.