The Leader of The Mountain Bandits


Siberian Husky
Hōgen's group (anime), The pack of mountain bandits (manga)
First appearance
GDW vol 10, chpt 5, GDW ep 12
Last Appearance
GDW vol 10, chpt 7, GDW ep 12
Deceased (killed by Kurotora)

An unnamed leader of the infamous mountain bandits from northeast. His pack consists of 8 dogs. After hearing news of Gin's death and Ōu's fall, he went with his minions to Futago Pass to take it over as their own.

On the way they meet Mer and ask him for directions. Mer gives them false ones and the bandits turn angry after finding out they've been tricked.

The bandits hear Mer's howls for Akame and thus find Gajō. Mer attacks the bandits to protect the fortress and but eventually gets beaten due to being outnumbered.

Kurotora shows up with his nephews. They rescue Mer and defeat the bandits. The bandit leader tries to escape but Kurotora kills him with one blow.


  • In the anime, he is Genba's minion while in the manga he has no affiliation with Hōgen.

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