Toly is one of the Russian Army dogs working under the platoon leader Aram. He is a lieutenant.


Toly is a black, grey and white-coloured German Shepherd. He has grey fur with white cheeks, chest, belly, legs and tail. He has black markings around his muzzle. He also has many small scars on his face and body. There are two scars next to his right eye, and one on his back.

Ginga Densetsu Weed

When Aram and Viktor died, Toly swam back to Russia with Maxim, Lev, Vasili, Sergei and Georgi. He saved Maxim when he was about to drown. Only he, Maxim, and Lev survived the voyage.


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  • Due to Yoshihiro Takahashi's mistake, this character is called Lukov at first.