Toshio Tachibana is son of Tachibana family who match the family dogs in dog fighting competitions. He is Ryo Fujiwara's rival and his greatest ambition is to hit Yamato.

He was owner of Bruiser, Red Killer.

He is owner of Blackey, Kotetsu, Big Hunter, Blackhead Sniper, Builder, Tsurugi.


Shiroi Senshi Yamato

Toshio met Ryo and Yamato for the first time, the duo attacked the bear was gone. Toshio fell the bear and his dog Bruiser involved Dam down, after which the Yamato saved him. However, Toshio later began to plan the killing of Yamato with his father.

The last scene of the series Toshio is seen Ryūto's combat boots, part of Tsurugi with - he became the new owner of the dog after Ryūto's death.