Tsumuji (旋毛)


Kai Ken
First Appearance
GDW:O vol 3, chpt 19
Last Appearance
GDW:O vol 21
Deceased (drowned)
Family or owners
Kurokirimaru and Kōsetsu (brothers)
Name Meaning
Hair whorl

A Kurohabaki Clan's member. He is a minor character.

He has two brothers Kurokirimaru and Kōsetsu. He travels the alps with his brothers as an assassin, he kills anyone not willing to join the Kurohabaki clan. Along with his brothers, he has killed Masashige and many others. Recently, he fights Orion and the Ohu army, losing his ear and having his throat cut by Chorou.

He survives the fight, but is washed away by strong flood waters. Both he and Kurokirimaru drowned.

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