Two-Barrel Shige was the greatest bear hunter of Iwate Prefecture.

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Shige came to Akita to hunt down Akakabuto (or "Onikubi" as he is called by Iwate's people) with his friend and his son.

They start to track a bear, thinking it's Akakabuto, but it's actually one of his sons. Unfortunately, the bear ambushes them and wounds Shige deadly. He drags himself to the inn owned by Daisuke's parents. He begs someone to go help his friend and son, not caring about his own condition. Gohē Takeda shows up and recognizes the other hunter. Once in the past, Gohē had tried to tell Shige that he is too young and unexperienced to hunt down Akakabuto and now dying Shige admits it was true.

Daisuke's mother had called an ambulance but it was too late and Shige died.