Tyson is Heizō's best friend and one of the One-eyed Elder's followers.


He is red-brown and white Retriever Mix. He has black eyes and black ears.


He isn't a very good fighter, but like Heizō and the other Ou soldiers, he is very loyal to his leader, Orion and is always willing to be useful at any time.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: OrionEdit

After Orion left Heizo's pack to find his family, the One Eyed Elder sent Heizō and Tyson to follow him in case of any incident. Just as the old dog had predicted, Orion was attacked by a group of traveling dogs, lead by the Pit Bull Terrier, Ryō.

While Heizō distracted him and his followers, Tyson took Orion to a broken electric pole, where he could be safe. During the series, Tyson normally sticks around with his best friend.

Ginga: The Last WarsEdit

Later, Akame runs to indicate that the Monsoon has attacked Ōuu. Tyson starts moving immediately with the pack. They are waiting in the mountains of the Kyoto to meet Yamabiko's packs, but after two days they decide to leave as early as the pre Ōuu. Orion and Yamabiko combine forces later and arrive at Nagano to join up with Unsai. Then, United Army dog then leaves towards the Ohu.

Tyson along with others watched Unsai get carried away for treatment.

Shortly after all of Monsoon's Kin are dead, he watches Akame fall unconscious due to his injures. Even though, he is revived by Daisuke and Hidetoshi; Akame needs treatment badly and is taken away.


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