Volume 12 from the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Manga series has the title "Blood stained swamp" and plays in the Akakabuto Arc. It has 3 Chapters printed on 184 pages.

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Chapter 1
japanese 激闘!!宿命の対決の巻
english gekitou!! shukumei no taiketsu no maki
translation Fierce fighting​!! The fate of the confrontation - Chapter
Chapter 2
japanese 血ぬられた沼の巻
english chi nurareta numa no maki
translation Blood stained swamp - Chapter
Chapter 2
japanese 幻の巨獣!!の巻
english maboroshi no kyujuu!! no maki
translation Illusion of a large beast!! - Chapter


Occuring Characters

Flashbacks or Memories

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