Ginga Densetsu Weed: WEED Gaiden

Weed Gaiden

Nichibun comics

Weed Gaiden is a small book containing small dog stories which was too small to make it into a manga so it was put in a collection of small dogs stories which then was published into WEED Gaiden. Weed Gaiden doesn't have anything to do with Ginga Densetsu Weed but it does contain a small story about Mel. Weed Gaiden was published in 2001 and published into a second edition in 2008. The second edition only contains one colour image, where the original printing contains several.

The MangaEdit

Contains the stories:

- Ron is a Great Dane who is scared of everything. He was placed in a friend of his owner's house, where he only had a small yard to walk around. But then one night, a tree knocked down the fence. Ron sees it as his chance for escape and runs into the wild. Here he mets the Kai-ken, Buru whom he becomes friends with. When he finds out Buru got in in a fight with the boss of the territory, he does his best to help out, but the stubborn Buru won't let him, and nearly gets killed in a fight. Ron nurses him and challenges Vamos and wins the fight. He then tells the strange dogs to treat every stranger as a friend.

- This follows the story of the stray dogs, Zion and his mother, Kinumaru. After Zion's father Billy dissappeared, Kinumaru turned sick and couldn't provide for her puppies, causing all of them to starve to death except Zion. One day Zion is hit by the family Sugarwara's car but is unharmed. The youngest son, Kenta grows attached to the little stray dog family bringing them food everyday by their hide out. Soon Kenta and his brother finds out that his mother is sick from cancer. As both Kenta's and Zion's mothers passes away from their illnesses, the story draws parallels between the life of a stray dog and a human boy.


- The story of the Wolf-Dog, Hanako and her life. She is moved from her first owner, an american tourist, to her japanese master. She got an infection in her uterus but her owner didn't take her to the vet because she hated it. When she started peeing blood, he finally took her to the vet but it was too late.

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