Wakagashira was Kenshin's right-hand man.


He was still quite young and inexperienced. He had no sense of the honor of his leader, and he thought primarily for his own survival.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion

When Kurohabaki Masamune came from Niigata to make Nokizaru allies, Wakagashira immediately began to ingratiate himself with this and wanted to join Kurohabaki Masamune's side. However, Kenshin refused, and told him to leave Kurohabaki Masamune.

Masamune whispers that he may show loyalty by taking Kenshin's head. Masamune invites the whole army to besiege Nokizaru so fearful Wakagashira turns against Kenshin and say he is serving Masamune. Then Masamune grabbed Wakagashira and ordered subordinates to kill him, saying that this is useless, and to him that Kenshin is more useful. Wakagashira understand Masamune cheated him, and curses Masamune who then subjects him to death.


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  • "Wakagashira" may not be the correct name of the character, but the title. "Wakagashira" means the yakuza related public right-hand men.