White Tiger (ホワイトタイガー)


Wolfdog (Hokkaido Wolf Mix)
Gaia's pack
First appearance
Ginga Nagereboshi Gin Vol 17, page 32
Last appearance
Ginga Nagereboshi Gin Vol 17, page 95
Deceased (Killed by Akame)
Place of Birth

White Tiger was one of Gaia's eight canine warriors of darkness. He is a Shuu warrior.

He is mostly wolf but has some dog blood. He may have some Kai Ken in him, explaining his stripes. He claims his ancestors were Koga shinobi dogs. Because of this, he knows shinobi techniques and of course can climb in trees.

Ginga Nagareboshi GinEdit

White Tiger was trained by Juga to be a a canine warrior of Sirius. Just like the other eight warriors of Gaia, he believed he was a true canine warrior.

He awaits Gin's groups arrival with Black Snake. He challenges the Shuu warrior Akame who he sees as a natural enemy as he's an Iga shinobi dog.

White Tiger fights Akame with the help of naturally caused water from geysers. However, he is overly confident and eventually Akame pierces his throat and tears it open, he dies because of his wound.

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