This article is about Heizō's brother. For the Toshi's father, see Yoshinao (KNT).
Yoshinao (良直)


Mixed Breed
First Appearance
GDW:O volume 1, chpt 5
Last Appearance
GDW:O volume 1, chpt 5
Deceased (killed by Hanashiro Shinkichi's pack)
Family or owners
Name Meaning
Good (virtuous) Honest
Place of Birth
Fukushima Prefecture

 Yoshinao is older brother of JunpachiHeizōHiroko and Taichi.

Ginga Densetsu Weed: OrionEdit

Yoshinao belonged to One-eyed Elder's small pack. He fought the enemy pack lead by Hanashiro Shinkichi with his father and Junpachi so Heizō, Hiroko, Taichi and his mother could run away. He was killed by the enemy pack.

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