Yoshito Sawamura is the grandfather of Anju. This old man live in a small village in Ouu.

He is the owner of Yuki and her puppies. He is a gold seeker.


Ginga Densetsu Anju To JiromaruEdit

>He saved Anju, who lived in poor conditions by Shinjirō's family, and took her to live. They lived happily together Yuki and Yuki with the puppies.

>One day, Yuki and Yoshito went with the mountains in search of gold, and they will find a lot. A snake bites him, when he falls down with devastating consequences. A few days later Jirōmaru and the postman find his body. His son, Shinjirō's family hold a funeral for him, though they do not seem to grieving his death in contrast to Anju.

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