Yōsuke is Kenta's older brother. He always tesased Kenta for being little. He was since then a background character.

Winds of Zion

When he heard about his mothers cancer, he ran to get Kenta to see his mom. However, he soon realized his mother is feeling worse. Yōsuke gets angry about this, but decides not to tell Kenta, because he is young. Yōsuke gets to hear the nurses talking in the hospital passing about his mother, who suffers from cancer. His father has not told the truth, but his mother said it is only ill.

Yōsuke does not make friends Shion or Kinumaru, but he and Kenta find Kinumaru's body when. Yōsuke help to bury Kinumaru. Later, at the temple, Yōsuke and his father see how Kenta fights against bullies. Yōsuke and Kenta is in the hospital courtyard with a weak mother, she die in Yōsuke's arms. After they moves Shizuo, and they no longer see Zion.

Ginga: The Last Wars

Yōsuke and Kenata are seen in a cameo as Zion's reminiscence.


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