Yukimasa (ユキマサ)


Great Pyrenees
Yukimasa's pack
First appearence
GDW vol 15 chpt 1, GDW ep 14
Last appearence
GDW vol 15 chpt 1, GDW ep 14
Deceased (Killed by Kamakiri)
Family or owners
Hiro (son), Kin, Tama, 2 unnamed brothers (grandchildren)
Voiced by
No information
Meaning of name
Pure snow
Place of Birth
Bingo Province, Hiroshima

Yukimasa is the father of Hiro and was the leader of a pack of 30 dogs in Hiroshima.

Ginga Densetsu WeedEdit

Yukimasa was a rightful and wise leader. He had a young son called Hiro and his most loyal minions were Shiba and Rocky.

Once he took in outcasts: Kamakiri, Stone and Shū. They were driven out from their original pack and were now lost and starving.

Unfortunately, Kamakiri and his two friends were evil and greedy for power. They plotted against Yukimasa, killed his loyal comrades and ambushed him. The whole pack seemingly turned against him.

Yukimasa begged them to spare his son and told him to escape. But Hiro attacked Kamakiri despite his orders and lost his right eye.
After this, Kamakiri turned his attention on Yukimasa again and didn't notice how Yukimasa's minion Tetsu escaped with Hiro.

Then, Yukimasa was bitten to death by Kamakiri, Hiro would always remember his dying screams.

See more pictures in Yukimasa (Photo Gallery).

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