Zan Hisho Bunshin-Battoga-1-

Zan Hishō Bunshin Battōga (jap. 斬 飛翔分身抜刀牙, Cutting fang of aerial division's sword draw) is one of the eight Battōga techniques.

This very strange technique apparently made it possible for the user to carry other wolves inside him, in Raiga's case they were his younger brothers Sakon and Ukon.

The other wolves inside the user can come in and out however they want and thus they can surprise the opponent in fight. This also allows their attacks to be 3x as strong than the strength of a normal wolf.

Raiga and his brothers are only known users of this technique.

For some reason, Sakon and Ukon preferred to stay in Raiga's body for most of the time and only came out to fight. When Raiga was killed, Sakon and Ukon were unable to use the technique, leading them to get killed too.