Zenkichi was Fubuki's owner.


Shiroi Senshi Yamato

Fubuki kept fighting and hunting dog, but Zenkichi began to worry about him when he killed Ganryū.

Zenkichi once went into the forest with his granddaughter Shizuko and Fubuki. He tied Shizuko a long rope attached to a tree, and told Fubuki watch her while he went to collect herbs. Zenkichi departure of a herd of wild dogs attacked Fubuki and attacked Shizuko. Fubuki fought the best he can, but one of the dogs, who attacked Shizuko and ripped like a hand out. Zenkichi heard Shizuko scream and suddenly rushed to the scene. Wild Dogs heard the man's arrival and went away with Shizuko's hand. Fubuki went after them. Zenkichi arrived on the scene, and only saw his dead granddaughter. Fubuki came to him, bringing with Shizuko's hand. Zenkichi thought Fubuki killed her, and was furious hot under the collar. He took from a branch and beat the Fubuki for so long that he thought it was dead. Then he took the child's body and left him.

However, Fubuki was not dead, but later gathered his own flock. A few years later, stealing a herd of pigs and chickens from the village, when it was decided to destroy. Fubuki was shot, but Ryo Fujiwara came on the scene and prevented the hunters from shooting Fubuki's son, Yamato. Then Zenkichi walked out in the middle and tried to kill Yamato with his ax, he thought it was the same as his father. However, other hunters prevented Zenkichi, and Ryo got to take Yamato out and the start of the Battle of dog training.

After being saved from fire due to Yamato, Zenkichi's attitude towards change in addition, Toshio Tachibana's television interview makes him furious, and he decides to help Ryota train using Yamato's muzzle. However, Zenkichi does not have time to see the full Yamato Jaw Crash battle in the ring, because he must attack and dies.

Later, his former rival, Kenkichi Maruyama teach Yamato Boomerang.